Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Service in Calgary

We make homes healthier and shinier! No matter if it is a one-time or ongoing service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), we are committed to providing a thorough quality clean every time with professional materials by a reliable and well-trained staff. Spend your free time doing fun stuff with your loved ones, and let the friendly staff at Mishka Enterprises make your home clean, fresh and inviting!

Our employees work in teams of one or two persons, and normally complete the cleaning some time between 9  am and 4 pm so that by the time you come home everythign is  fresh and sparkling!  

Our regular cleaning session normally consists of the deep cleaning of bathrooms (top to bottom), thorough surface cleaning of the kitchen,  vacuuming and/or washing of all floors, and thorough dusting of all the furniture, woodwork and home decor.


Move-in / Move–out Cleaning

Move-in / Move–out Cleaning Service in Calgary

Mishka Enterprises takes pride in providing exceptional deep cleaning services in the properties after moving out, before moving or while preparing homes for sale. Our staff is trained to professionally and efficiently clean the most challenging spaces and make them look sparkling clean.


Pre-Sale Cleaning / Decluttering

Pre-Sale Cleaning / Decluttering Service in Calgary

Would you like to sell your home for the best price?  Help us make your home show its best qualities instead of distracting potential buyers by clutter or  soiled surfaces. We will thoroughly clean and de-clutter your home as well as remove any junk that prevents  your home  from looking  its absolute best.