Thursday, April 09, 2020

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Service in Calgary

We make homes healthier and shinier! No matter if it is a one-time or ongoing service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), we are committed to providing a thorough quality clean every time with professional materials by a reliable and well-trained staff. Spend your free time doing fun stuff with your loved ones, and let the friendly staff at Mishka Enterprises make your home clean, fresh and inviting!

Our employees work in teams of one or two persons, and normally complete the cleaning some time between 9  am and 4 pm so that by the time you come home everythign is  fresh and sparkling!  

Our regular cleaning session normally consists of the deep cleaning of bathrooms (top to bottom), thorough surface cleaning of the kitchen,  vacuuming and/or washing of all floors, and thorough dusting of all the furniture, woodwork and home decor.

We use the cleaning supplies that proved to be the best in home cleaning. All the wood furniture  and surfaces that might come in contact with food are wiped with micro-fibre cloths sprayed with mild solution of vinegar. This method allows us to clean all the fingerprints and soil of the surface with  a mild desinfectant that is still safe for the wood finish. The floors, ledges and doors are also wiped with damp microfiber cloths and are treated with wood-safe cleaning products. The bathroom surfaces are sanitized with either Lysol, ZEP or CLR products, and all the fixtures, mirrors and shelves are wiped dry and shined. We pay special attention to areas that get in contact with hands such as door knobs,  light switches and areas around them, and treat them with a desinfecting solution. Click HERE to learn more about how cleaning process or call 403-978-7767 with any questions about our service.

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Below is the detailed list of a regular cleaning session.


  • Sink cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Tub and/or shower tiles cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Chrome fixtures shined and cleaned
  • Toilet base, rim, inside and outside disinfected and wiped
  • Vanity top cleaned and items organized and put away
  • Towels changed
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped
  • Vacuum and mop and dry floor
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates


  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts washed and wiped
  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected
  • Floor vacuumed and mopped and dried
  • Outside of appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop)
  • Inside microwave
  • Small appliances wiped
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted or wiped
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates
  • Wash or dust table and chairs


  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Beds made
  • Linens changed
  • All areas dusted - on top, on front and underneath
  • Picture frames dusted
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates
  • Baseboards wiped and dusted
  • Lampshades dusted

Other Living Areas, Hallways and Stairs

  • All areas dusted
  • Furniture vacuumed
  • Hardwood or tile floors damp mopped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Baseboards dusted and cobwebs removed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates
  • Glass tables cleaned
  • Picture frames dusted
  • Lamp shades dusted

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